My Food Adventure in Egypt

If I ask you whether you like to eat “烤爸爸”,you may feel it is nonsense.

If I ask you whether you like to eat “卡巴布”,perhaps you do not know what it is.

 “卡巴布” is Kebab in English and it comes from the Arab World. I first tried it on Aug 3rd, 2019 in a large cruise  along the Nile River in Cairo. Dozens of food stalls in the restaurant with everything from Kebab to fish, but Kebab is my favourite. The moment I see it, I can not refuse or miss it! Let me tell you why.

Gigot is the first choice and there are other two things that will surprise you. Firstly, the gigot is cut up and wrapped around the sticks. Then it is grilled in a special locally made oven. When it is served, the sticks will be drawn out. So it looks much like sausages. Very delicious. Secondly, Egyptians have their own sauces which could be a mixture of curry, pepper,salt and olive oil. Lovely nice smells coming from Kebab.


King, one boy of our team, said that it looks ugly but nice. So he dared to have a taste.

Apple refused all of it because he felt sick while noticing it.

It was fascinating to me and some others!!! Travelling always gives me an appetite. 

But in my hometown, you could be treated to a totally different barbecued mutton. You see, eight or ten pieces of mutton, cut in squares, are grilled on a long thin bamboo stick. So you have to hold the stick, stare right at it, open your mouth and bite it from the other way. More importantly the host maybe force you to try some special part of a mutton, like ...

Here in Egypt, lamb is the main course and lamb is everything. During festivals, like Eid Al-Adha, families sit together enjoying their lamb. It is said they give fifty percent of the lamb to their neighbours. They learn to share.

Lamb can be good to your spleen and stomach. Lamb does good to your kidney. It is considered to be good for preventing Qi deficiency. That is what I knew after  investigation.