Travel in Egypt

It really is magical to imagine what Egyptians’ best love is from us before we meet them.

At Cairo Airport a gentleman came to meet us as expected to help fill in the boarding cards. After a while each of us holding our own card moved to the customs officer. “From China ? !”, he murmured. I did not know if this was a question for me or he sighed with feeling. Before I could say anything he turned to Miss Niu Yanmin, our maths teacher. “China Niu?”. Promptly I thought this guy knows China very much and he was speaking highly of my country so I said thanks to him. It seemed that my answer did not satisfy him. “China Niu?”, herepeated andwhispered. Until then did I realize that he was asking me if the Chinese lady was the one whose surname is Niu. I said yes, yes to him. Much to my surprise he smiled and said where it was and if he could have it. Facing his thumb and all fingers together that looked like a hand purse, I became so confused. “Haw, haw, Qing Liang You!!!”, this time I recognized and understood his broken Chinese. I hate myself that I did not know the very common cooling oil could be their favorite.


Near the Pyramids, at a local stall with goods spread out on the ground for sale , I found the dark brown articles designed beautifully as the Pyramid or the Sphinx. I hoped to buy several of these as souvenirs of Egypt. And the pedlar promised they are made of wood although some of them got broken and I know they are made from plaster. I weighed them in my hand and yes a little heavy. They were cheap. Ninety Egyptian pounds for three pieces. Just before I started to pay she kept her thumb moving on her own forehead. I asked her if she hoped me to pay her by Qingliangyou. “Yes, yes,yes,clever guy!!! Two Qingliangyou is OK”, she became very excited since I could guess out her gesture. I stared at her and said slowly: “Sorry, I do not have any with me!”


Xu, a member of our team accidentally found she had one more Qingliangyou in her backpack at the international departure lounge just before she left Egypt. “En, I will present it to a handsome guy”, I overheard it. She stood up and began to look for the right one. She went to a well-dressed customs officer but he did not raise his head because he was busy dealing with checking the visas or something. Before she felt disappointed an old lady cleaner caught what was happening and had it in her hand, saying Xiexie,duoxie. What a bemused expression Xu had. 

It is said that the Egyptians believe the story below. Qingliangyou, the oriental holy comes from the holy deep mountains and forests and it needs to be boiled with dragon bones for (7×7) 49 days. It is a miracle cure.

I do not think that Qingliangyou is a legend and cures all kinds of diseases. It does work after  mosquitoes kiss you or it makes you fresh especially in hot days.