On the morning of April 11 2019, I set out my journey to meet Moses Barcley , a second secretary / vice consul , working in the Embassy of the Republic of Liberia Peoples Republic of China Beijing to invite him to attend the  Prominent School League’s Education Forum for Countries along the Belt & Road to be held in July in our school.

A few unexpected occasions need to recall.

No. One: Embassies in one Garden.  

The moment I entered a villa area I realized it was the EMBASSIES of Liberia, Georgia, South Sudan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyz Republic and League of Arab States Beijing Mission, Military Attaches Office Kuwait Embassy, Commercial Office of the Dominican Republic, Egyptian Cultural Office of Egypt Embassy and Trade Mission of Turkmenistan.  

These African countries know how to save money so they share the garden to work in Beijing.

No. Two: So tiny an office

I was given a special card after the lady on duty called Mr. Moses Barcley. No, I could not believe he has a tiny office downstairs. Sitting face to face I felt the sound of his breath.

Mr. Moses Barcley was friendly and talkative. He described his country as a nice and peaceful and helpful one.

At the very beginning of the 19th century after the Black slaves were set free they chose to migrate to a place called Liberia. As you can see there is liberty and liberated in their countrys name.  

He is proud of his countrys being role as the Elder Brother. Whenever there is a war in Africa, Liberia likes to resolve the disputes. And it works!, he said.

He takes pride in having George Tawlon Weah as his presisent. He took office in Dec. 2017. He won Footballer of the Year when playing for AC Milan. But he had failed twice in the presidential campaign. "I am not interested in politics but my people need me!" That was his famous saying. "And he woks hard!", Moses said. 

No. Three: The Hospitality

I did not expect there were African officials wondering in the garden and came to me saying Hito me before I left. Why not invite them to our Arts Festival too? So we exchanged our name cards and immediately I got ten more Wechat friends.

Prominent School League’s Education Forum for Countries along the Belt & Road & the 7th International Culture, Education & Arts Festival


Invitation Letter


Dear  Sir/Madam 

In order to celebrate the Silk Road spirit and promote harmony and communication, Hengshui High School takes the initiative to host the 2nd Prominent School League’s Education Forum for Countries along the Belt & Road & the 7th International Culture, Education & Arts Festival at Hengshui City, Hebei Province during July 9-20, 2019. The Forum and events will focus on education development and cultivation of internationalized compound talents in the future among countries along the Belt and Road. We hereby sincerely invite you to attend the events, and we’ll cover your cost in China.  

Hengshui High School of Hebei, located in Hengshui, Hebei, is a national exemplary school and one of the top five brand-name schools in China. Committed to students’ spiritual and cultural construction, she is famous not only by her rich learning atmosphere, but also her rich cultural life on campus. With extensive experience in the previous sessions, this time activities will be more creative, participants will be more numerous and shows will be more magnificent. 

It would be a great pleasure to meet you at Hengshui High School!

Contact: William Yan

Head of the international office in Hengshui High School

Tele: 0086-13013273998

March 5, 2019