My Hometown---City of Baoding

Boading is a beautiful city, of rich fantasy and temptation, especially for me. Her simple and unsophisticated quality often moves me. I think Baoding is a ship floating from a distance, carrying a full ship of colors and beautiful scenery like boys and girls, parked here, and adding a unique charm.

  It is very pleasant to stroll along the avenue. This is a street filled with “ancient culture”. It was built 3000 years ago, weathering years and war trauma. Walking aimlessly on the road paved with granite, I feel as if I am communicating with the old man of history and feeling the vicissitudes of Baoding of one hundred years.

  Throughout the summer, I see countless flowers in full bloom at Baiyang Lake and the sound of the universe reverberates over the music festival. People enjoy the water party at Langya Mountain.

  Throughout the winter, brume spread over the Baishi Mountain, persimmons turn orange on top of the trees, and people enjoy the snow at Lanya skiing park.

  Now thanks to our citizens’ hard work, we can see a modernized city standing among its strong neighbors. The power of Xiongan cannot be belittled; the culture of Lianchi is proving their worth and shine; the red spirits always remind their people of the fight in history.

  Baoding is just such a city as makes people witness history and reality, gentle and firm.

  Sunset dyes the river red. I took a boat in the sparkling waves slowly drifting, thoughts flying with the river wind. In Baoding ,a city of heroes, I seem to see the rise and prosperity of a nation.