Days ago Brain came !

      He was the first American State Representative I met although I came across two American mayors, one director of Rhode Island Education Bureau, a few scientists from Silicon Valley and so many kids from this country.

     He came for introducing himself and his school in Lowa even though he is from Oregon. He came for friendship and he came, I can say, for telling me what a politician is!!!

     Why do I think of it this way?  The following is my impression.

    A  Smart Politician:  The definition of the word is someone who works in politics, especially an elected member of the government. Brian is more than that. He was easy going , talkative and glib. He has a silver tongue. He was quick enough to evaluate his president. And he had his own opinions on the Shutdown, the Construction on the Wall Donald Trump made central to his presidential campaign—one that he repeatedly promised would run the length of the U.S.-Mexico border...

     A Good Story-teller: His topic of gun-control attracted me. I could not imagine that he had altogether 13 guns that were all given by his father. "Try to be a man of responsibility", he was told. He had one daughter so he did not think he would give them to her. " Good decision!" I said to him.

     He described the scene of his hunting elks with his dad in freezing cold winter. The heavy snow would not stop their eagerness. The hardship would not prevent them from staying in the coldness at night. The poor living condition,no bathing, would not hold them back. And the bloody scene did frighten him more or less. They followed their tracks with patience. They should be clever enough to tell the number of the group, the direction they went in among the messy marks that different animals left. The elks were so silly( love-struck, to be exact) to wait for being shot when they were mating. For love , they chose to face death!

     A Kind Chinese Ambassador: It was him that gave his state the proposal that Chinese language should be learned among the students. And he succeeded. It was said that Miss Liu Yandong, the vice premier, flew to meet him on purpose when she was visiting the USA.

     Of course he did not forget to show his Chinese. Yi, Er, San... "I can count to ten thousand", he boasted.

     A Presidential Candidate ?

     This is what he hopes and is trying all his best to do. And I will not be shocked if he shakes his country one day in the future!