It has been years since we had a table tennis match among the staff in our school.

"Please just wait a second!", I said to Mr. Ge Chunxiang, a collegue of mine. No sooner had a Chinese American lady left me than two Japanese came to my office to talk about the possibility of the cooperation between the two parties.

Mr. Ge asked me to go back to our old school for the 2018 Table Tennis Cup to be held at 6:00 pm. 

Much to our surprise lots of table tennis fans were already there in the gym, practising. Some of them who I know well greeted me and I said "Hi! Hi!" to those I did not know. 

Ma Chunyang attracted us teachers. She was once the Champion of the 2014 World Table Tennis Championships For Middle School Students and now she is one of our PE teachers in our school. The close matches followed the short simple open ceremony. 

Altogether there were 16 teams,over 100 members, representing  1200 staff. 

Deputy Principal Wang came to complete!  Cooks were here to play! Women teachers turned up for fun! Competitors signed up for Champion!? Some arrived for pictures! Audience poured for presents,---the lucky pigs!

I won the matches I could and of course I lost the game after I went all out for it. So we team of three(Mr. Ge Chunxiang plus Mr. Yang Wentao) won the standing ovation. We ranked 5th , not bad!       The only disappointing event was that one of the opponents was the Hengzhong Cup Winners.  

Good way to remember 2018 and nice to recall! 

Fit way to usher in 2019!