Forum on International Talents

The forum on cultivating international talents was held at FLTRP(外研社)International Convention Centre on Oct. 25-26. I was honored to be invited to be there and give a brief introduction of our school international exchanges and results.

Mr. Penglong, principal of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Mr. Li Xigui, Mr. Liu Changming and Miss Gisela Conde Morencia from Spain, and Miss Jacqueline Plessis from France delivered their speeches.

 Some impression from the forum:

1) The organizer knows how to make its university known so the names of the forum and the sponsor are always flying on the sides of the hall.

2) The organizer knows how to save energy so a piece of tiny paper tells the comers some necessary information.

3) The organizer is so great because they invite the founder of English Broadcasting On TV to express greetings to us. Mr. Chen Lin is so healthy although he is 96. He prefers to Stand Up whenever he gives classes. He Speaks Up in his classes and he finishes his classes on time so he Shuts Up. He says to us: Retired but not tired! and Life is to give not to take. I learned English from him in 1980s, a very good teacher of mine.

4) The organizer knows this is a modern society so there are changing remarks on the side screen.

5) Luckily I met Miss Chen Fang, a former colleague in our Hengshui High. She is still that pretty.

  Deep thoughts:

How to create international talents?  

With a view to future of the education then comes the education of future.