Cloudis the name of her WeChat and she came to our centre to be in charge of the moral education in June 2017.

Who is she?

Her surname is Wu and she wears her big glasses. She was sent to England for her further education because of her excellent teaching results at our school. Oh, please never forget that now she is the mum of a baby girl.

What is her?

She was named the director dealing with the students’ behavior. It is challenging for her. To challenge her time, she needs to stay with the students 14 or more hours. To challenge her wisdom, she uses variety of ways to coach the students. To challenge her patience, she could sit down and talk with the kids for hours. To challenge her ability, she shows her best in the Reading Contest and the exams.

How is she?

She is strict with herself and her students, her baby girl included. She likes to act to be herself so she laughs a loud laugh when her students make progress. And she cries a lot with the students when he or she is confused or has some trouble.


I am grateful for our friendship and honoured to be working along side of her! It’s worth respect and she deserves applause and praise. 

Thumb up!!!