Early April

It is early April and our dear foreign  teachers are invited to be out of the school campus to the local countryside.

--- Where to go ?  

We were driven to what is called Liuzhong Village. It is said that long long ago, in late autumn, Confucious came to this village and was asked to name it. We know he was regarded the greatest of the ancient Chinese sages. He inquired about the information of the local people and the place and got to know that this area was located on the bank of Suolu River and there was sandy soil all over. So the drought-tolerant pumpkins were popular here. He was wondering why some ripe pumpkins were not yet picked. For keeping the seeds!!!, answered the local farmers.

“Easy, Why not call it LIU ZHONG?” He said with confidence.('留种'现已演变为'留仲'二字)

---What is this?

I took them to the Suolu River and we climbed to the very top of the huge iron bridge. Just before us it was the ruins, the ruins of the Japanese gun turret. When I was a kid, I used to come here and play games called Killing the Japanese. I remember the battle scenes clearly. Children like us at that time were told to fight all the way to fight. That is the HISTORY!

Luckily I found a metal there. It looked like something, I am  sure.

---Burning hot!

I showed the foreigners to the greenhouse. They were puzzled about it before I they saw it. A greenhouse is white from outside because it is covered by plastic and it is so green and fresh inside. The glossy green leaves of   Sedum aizoon(养心菜)attracted our eyes. The only difficulty they met was the warmth. "But the vegetables need it!", they said.  

---Too delicious!

Now it was noon and we were having tea in a farmers house near a railway. We were told the head of the village was cooking Daguocai for us. It was my job to tell what it was. The carefully selected pork, the healthy bean curd, the vermicelli from Chinese potatoes, the nutritive mushroom, the big iron pot and the peach branches as the firewood... It seemed they could not wait. Yes, it was true! It was so delicious and tasty. We each finished a big bowl.  

“Thank you for sparing some of your time with us, William, and for taking us to this place. It was great! We really appreciate it”. I got the message from the foreigners when back home.